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Aisha Kerrigan — wordsmith and self-proclaimed pirate — was born in Dagestan, Russia and grew up in Prague, Czech Republic before moving to Cardiff, Wales where she currently resides.

Growing up writing had always been her passion and she was very prolific in her younger years. Aisha would often ask her parents to buy her thick ledger books to write in. But creativity knows no boundaries and if a six-year old child wants to write stories in ledgers for accountants then she’ll bloody do so.

Teenage angst moved her away from colourful fantasy stories to a darker (and sometimes gorier) realm. Whilst adulthood taught her how to balance out the two and unite the polar opposites.

Aisha Kerrigan has no formal education in the art but has experience working as a freelance writer. She wrote part-time for two years before deciding to take her writing career into her own hands.

And this is where the journey leads.

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